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The age and not the name of the Shelf Company Should be of Primary importance
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Shelf Companies Ireland

Irish Business Companies
Each shelf corporation was
Registered for the specific purpose of
Being an aged corporation

The age and not the name of the Shelf Company should be of
Primary importance as
A name change can be readily accomplished

Obtaining all the information about buying an Irish Shelf aged company can be a tough job! You have to know and understand where to apply and how to apply, what you need for the process and other important information. You can buy Shelf aged company Ireland and can get started on the business operations smoothly.

Get started right away with the company you need!
Ready-made Irish Business Companies

Shelf and aged Companies are previously formed companies also known by a number of terms, i.e. Shelf or shell (usually refers to publicly traded) or aged or seasoned companies, corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships or combinations of terms.

Irrespective of the term, a shelf company offers unique opportunities. Perhaps the leading reason for acquiring an aged entity in general is credibility. An answer to the most common question, yes you may merge your history with an aged entity.

Business relationships are frequently influenced by the length of time a company has been in existence. This is often true when establishing financial and client/vendor relationships.

Aged Corporations are corporations that are formed but have never been used. There are examples in business when being able to show that you've been incorporated for a period of time is essential; you may need an Aged Corporation if:

Buy and register Irish shelf company, let the professional experts at Ireland-Isc-partners do all the work for application and documentation of the process of registration and setting up of the shelf company Ireland registration today! Get to buy shelf company with readymade accounts so that you can start your business right away!

Irish limited partnership
  • You are trying to establish a history for your business.
  • You wish to enhance your corporations’ image with age.
  • You want to build corporate credit. It may be easier with age.
  • You want to encourage companies to do business with you. Some companies are more willing to do business with an established company vs. a younger company.
  • If you wish to bid on a contract that requires your corporation be established for a certain period of time.
  • If you wish to obtain a bank loan. It may be easier if you can show you have history of being incorporated.
  • If you wish to obtain corporate credit cards and leases. (For example, Gateway computers lease only to corporations 6 months old or more, etc.)

Each shelf corporation was filed by our Firm for the specific purpose of being an aged corporation.

The age and not the name of the Shelf Company should be of primary importance as a name change can be readily accomplished.

Our pricing structure is complete, which means that the corporate status with the Registrar of Companies is current to include Director Filings, Resident Agent service, Office Identity and the conversion or opening of a bank account as required. There are additional services which may be required.

This is a list of ready-made and approved company names available as of today.
Irish Limited Companies by Shares
Shelf List
Irish Limited Partnerships
Shelf List

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