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One of the Lowest Corporate Tax Rates
In the whole European Union - 12,5% Only!
Register your Irish Company Today and, …

One of the Lowest Corporate Tax Rates
In the whole European Union - 12,5% Only!
Register your Irish Company Today and, …

Set up Your Business in Ireland

Benefits to Incorporate in Republic of Ireland

Having a company in Ireland allows you:

To be part of the EU in an English-speaking country;
Access to over 70 double tax treaties;
Cross Border VAT registration with simplified administration;
EURO currency bank account;
Low corporate tax rate of less than 12.50% after deductions;
No withhold tax for Holding Companies.
Amongst others!

Republic of Ireland
One of the Lowest Corporate Tax Rates
In the whole European Union

With our all-inclusive package
Company formation in Ireland has never been easier!

Our team takes care of administration
Leaving you free to focus on launching and
Managing your company successfully!

LSC Incorporation Services in Ireland

Private Limited Company by Shares
Business Limited Partnership
Holding Company
Agency Company (International Invoicing)
Crypto-Trading Company

The Irish
Business Limited Partnership

Irish Company Set Up

An Irish Limited Partnership with foreign members, not carrying on a business in Ireland and generating no income on territory of Ireland, is not liable to local tax in Ireland.

Set up your
Business Company
in Ireland

Irish Company Set Up

Set up your Business Company in Ireland as a Company Limited by Shares! Ireland’s Corporate Tax Rate of 12.5% is one of the lowest in the World!

Set up your
Holding Company
in Ireland

Irish Limited Company

Why choose to open a Holding Company in Ireland?
Irish Holding Company Advantages.

Agency Company
Invoicing Company

Company Set Up Ireland
The Irish Agency Company is a recommended structure for use as a European Trading entity, where the receipts of invoices from a Non-EU / Offshore company would not be acceptable.

Register your Irish Company Today!


We have created 4 separate and different Packages
For your business company in Ireland
Each one depending on your specific needs
incorporate limited partnership ireland

Global Package

Including Bank Account
Dublin Full Serviced Virtual Office

Check this Package
Inclusions, Services and Fees!


Premium Package

Including Bank Account
Full Serviced Virtual Office in Dublin
Nominee Services

Check this Package
Inclusions, Services and Fees!

Nominee EEA Resident Director!

Services available!

Cryptocurrency Trade & Exchange

Virtual Asset Service Provider License
Set up your VASP entity in Ireland

Ireland stands as one of the major
European markets for Crypto Trade and Investment

Register Limited Partnership Ireland

No Border Restrictions
The perfect gateway for Cryptocurrency in the European Union

Our Business Development Managers are ready to assist you and answer all your questions
For licensing requirements, terms and service fees,…

Ready-made Irish Business Companies

For those who need Start Trading Immediately …
An Irish Shelf Aged Business Company is the right Option to you!

shelf company ireland
Ready-made or aged companies are legal corporate entities that are formed but have never been used before.
Therefore, they have no debt or liability, whichever; and some of them already bear local bank account open.Our pricing structure is complete, which means that the corporate status with the Registrar of Companies is current to include Director Filings, Resident Agent service, Office Identity and the conversion or opening of a bank account as required. There are additional services which may be required.

Check our list of Shelf Aged Companies Available!

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