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Private Limited Company (LTD) or
Limited Partnership (LP)

Price – EUR 170

This will include the scope of work to prepare all related documents for the proper incorporation. You must consider as well the following legal and required services for the proper incorporation and year 1 to keep your business company fully compliant and in good standing. No hidden fees nor any additional services will be charged!


Government and Registrar fees – €75
Registration for Corporation Tax, as legally required – €175 (*)
1st year Annual Return filing - €125
Registration for RBO, as legally required - €75 (**)
Local Registered Office address – €240
Company Secretary, as legally required – €295
Client Due Diligence, as legally required as per TCSP rules - €170
Application for VIF (Verification Identity Number), as legally required for
Non-Resident Directors - €75

(i)Companies incorporated in Ireland are obliged to register with the Revenue Commissioner within 30 days of trading. Failure to register the company with the Revenue Commissioners will eventually result in the company being struck off by revenue;

(ii) As legally required, from April 2023;

There is no company without Bank Account!

Moreover, an Irish company, where the director(s) are not resident in Irland, they can establish a corporate bank account in Ireland. However, they commonly require an in-person meeting with the company director and documentation such as the Certificate of Incorporation from the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

We suggest considering the two prominent banks in Ireland, AIB and Bank of Ireland (BOI), as they are well-equipped to cater to companies newly establishing in Ireland. It's crucial to approach and engage with the banks appropriately from the outset. We've facilitated the successful opening of numerous bank accounts in Ireland for our global clients. Remote bank account opening via video call is also a possibility. Additionally, there are robust online banking services available, including the option for multi-currency accounts. Typically, it takes 5 to 10 working days post-incorporation to finalize the corporate bank account setup.

Alternatively, we can offer assistance in opening your business bank account in Ireland through a local and reputable Electronic Money Institutions.

That´s why we have developed several contracts and protocols with several Digital Banks/Financial Institutions where we can help and assist you through all the process. Please check our Optional Services list below!

Services Included at Incorporation and year 1:

Preliminary Name Search!
On-going verification that the company complies with local laws.
A fully dedicated Business Development Manager from LSC & Partners at your service for first year.
Unlimited Live Phone and Email Support!
Initial Document Preparation within 24 Hours!
Document Review before Filing!
Customized Constitution or Partnership Agreement!
Post Legal and Tax Assistance!
Corporate Management and Compliance Services, to keep the Company in good-standing and full and legally compliant, for first year

Documents Included:

The Certificate of Incorporation
The Constitution or (Partnership Agreement)
Company Extract issued by the Registrar of Companies
The share certificate(s) or (Ownership Certificates)
Digital Kit of Corporate Documents

Optional Services

Assistance with Bank Account opening with Digital Bank – €250
Set of incorporation documents certified by the Registrar of Companies - €175
Set of incorporation documents with Notary and Apostille - €390
Certificate of Incumbency – €150
Certificate of Good Standing – €150
Provision of EEA Resident Nominee Director – €800/annual
Provision of Nominee Shareholder service – €450/annual
Certified apostilled Full Power of Attorney – €425
Exclusive Telephone Line in Ireland – €240/annual
DHL delivery of documents – €80

Annual Fees from 2nd and subsequent years
Keep your business company in Ireland in
Good Standing at all times!

Government Fees and charges – €120
Registered office address – €360
Company Secretary, as legally required – €360
Preparing and Filing Annual Return – €175
Accountancy services for a dormant (non-active) company – €480 (*)
Corporate Management and Compliance Service, as required under Irish Laws – €600
Annual Customer Due Diligence (CDD) – €160

(*)In case of business activity, a quote will be provided based on volume of documents to be processed

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