Wanting to set up an Irish limited company? LSC & Partners is your one-stop solution. As a leading firm, we have been delivering a wide range of company formation services to our clients at the best pricing range.

You might think about the key benefits of having a company in Ireland. From geographically important trade routes, to pay 0% corporate tax for the first three years of incorporation, everything is waiting for you. Even if you are non-resident business owners, Ireland offers a very limited amount of regulation concerning foreign ownership and business operations.

In addition, there are such additional benefits as given below-

Tax-friendly attitude-

Ireland offers a much more tax-friendly status for non-resident businesses so it attracts overseas investors to bolster their economy. You can have tax levels below 4% when meeting certain criteria. You can freely and happily start a Limited Company in Ireland.

Flexible trade routes-

Companies can easily access the trade routes owing to its faultless positioning for the exploitation of the Trade Winds. You won’t face such challenges in that case.

Ownership for Non-residency-

This is yet another most important benefit of opening a Limited Company in Ireland. Ireland enables non-resident to be listed as the owner of their incorporation. So, you won’t require to list nominee directors or owners. You can experience a complete peace of mind of 100% ownership of your business that can never be overstated. No matter where you are from, we have got you covered. Once you get in touch with us online, we can help you in every possible way.

Protection of your Asset-

When you file as an Irish limited company, you can have the right to gain all the benefits as a business owner and gain asset protection. When you are holding a company in Ireland, you can gain membership of the EU, the ever-increasing double tax treaty network, and a foreign tax credit system.

The Irish company can pay a dividend to an overseas company free of withholding tax means. You will be liable to corporation tax on its global income that includes the income of a foreign branch. All these amazing benefits make Ireland one of the best locations for companies establishing in this location.

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