Set up your Business Company in Ireland
Bank Account Opening in Ireland
Full Serviced Virtual Office and …
Exclusive Telephone line (Land number) in Ireland

Republic of Ireland
Private Limited Company (LTD)
Limited Partnership (LP)

Global Incorporation Package

Bank Account Opening in Ireland
Full Serviced Virtual Office

Price – EUR 1,250

Government and Registrar fees - €120
Local Registered Office address (as legally required) - €300/annual
Local Company Secretary (as legally required for a Limited Company) - €240/annual

EEA Resident Director (as legally required), available upon request!

Inclusions (Services)

Preliminary Name Search!
Corporate Management and Compliance Services, to keep the Company in good-standing and full and legally compliant, for first year
Local Resident Registered Agent, as legally required, for first year
On-going verification that the company complies with local laws.
A fully dedicated Business Development Manager from LSC & Partners at your service for first year.
Unlimited Live Phone and Email Support!
Initial Document Preparation within 24 Hours!
PDF Document Review before Filing!
Customized Constitution or Partnership Agreement!
Post Formation Legal and Tax Guide!
PDF Copy of filed Constitution or of Partnership Agreement!
PDF Copies of All Customized Paperwork!
Digital Kit!
Bank Account Opening Services in Ireland
Address in Ireland with Mail Forwarding Services
Exclusive (whole yours) Telephone Line in Ireland (*)
Exclusive (whole yours) Fax Line in Ireland (**)

(*)    All calls automatically diverted to your own line or mobile outside Ireland
       All faxes emailed to your email address on real time
(**)  Only applicable in case you contract local telephone line

Inclusions (Documents)

The Certificate of Incorporation issued by the local Registrar.
The Constitution or (Partnership Agreement)
Register of Directors or (Partners)
Register of Members and Share Ledger
Register of Beneficial Ownership
The share certificate(s) or (Ownership Certificates)
Resolution for the appointment of initial Members and Managers, and distribution of share (ownership) participations
One set of certified corporate documents for bank account opening purposes

Optional Services

Provision of EEA Resident Director (as legally required for a Limited Company) - €800/annual
Provision of EEA Resident Partner (as legally required for a Limited Partnership) - €800/annual
Certified apostilled Full Power of Attorney - €450
Certified set of corporate documents - €195
Certified and apostilled set of corporate documents - €295
Express delivery of documents - €80

Annual fees from Year 2

Government and CRO fees - €120
Provision of Local Registered Office - €300
Provision of Local Irish Registered Agent, as legally required - €250
Provision of Company Secretary, as legally required - €240
Preparing and Filing Annual Return - €160
Annual Due Diligence and Compliance on Company members and officers, as legally required - €120
Management and Compliance service fees as required under Irish Laws - €450
Mailing address with Mail Forwarding Services - €120/annual
Exclusive (fully yours) Telephone and Fax lines in Ireland (*) - €320/annual
Provision to cover Roaming charges - €120 (**)
Accountancy services, as legally required - €360 (for Dormant/Non-Trading Company)
Accountancy services for Trading Companies (Depending on number of documents to be processed) - Please Contact Us.

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