Looking for an Irish company set up? WELL, it is not a complex process because we are with you to help. The expert professionals of LSC & partners are always there for you in every situation. We guarantee that you don’t need to bother about your company formation in Ireland. Let this job handle by our team and you just relax.

We can assist you in Setting up company in Ireland at the best pricing range and register it in Ireland with the Companies Registration Office (CRO), complying with all legal requirements.  Here you need to understand how your cost will be calculated.

The process of Setting up a company with the CRO in Ireland-

Appropriate Company Name-

You cannot choose any name or the same name as another company already registered for your company and register it. Also, your company has to be different from another name. Otherwise, you can face such issues from CRO like they can refuse a company name registration. Here, in this case, our expert team can help you in choosing a name that cannot be refused by CRO.

Registered Address- For a company set up in Ireland, you must have a registered address in Ireland. However, it doesn’t need you to have your home or business address as the registered office. You can either have a virtual office address.

Company Secretary- You can appoint anybody to act as Company Secretary. However, when you have one director, you have to choose another person as your company secretary. You should have a better understanding of the Company Secretary’s role.

Directors- Hiring a director for your company is simple. You must have one director, who must be an individual and at least one director ought to be the EEA  (European Economic Area) resident. Details of the directors are disclosed publicly.

Share Capital and Shareholders-

The company’s issued Share Capital is the total of shares issued to a Shareholder. Your Irish company may be included one or more usual persons or legal entities, residents or non-residents. Shareholders’ detail can be shared publicly. The accountability of the shareholders is restricted to the amount of their shares. We can give you more information about it.

Compliance- A Company needs to submit an annual return with audited financial statements once in every calendar year.

For more information about the Irish company set up, contact us! One of our specialists will be happy to offer you all the assistance you may need.